The donation robot

Our small FabLab always welcomes small donations from our guests and visitors. But ever since, only a small plastic frog was used for these donations.

So we created the idea, to stick our ideas, technologies and a wonderfull old Miele vacuum cleaner together in order to build a small funny robot, that welcomes, teases our visitors. And who says thank you to all our donors.

Well, here’s the result:

Some details about the internal structure of the little guy:

  • Controller: Arduino Uno R3
  • Software: Standard Processing and standard libraries
  • Audio: VLSI VS1000 Audio Module incl. our own firmware that lets the Arduino control the board
  • Distancesensor: HC-SR04 embedded in a modelled nose of FIMO
  • 4 LED stripes (2 RGB on the backside)
  • 6 power-LEDs for the top
  • 1 servo for moving the top
  • 1 Servo for moving the bill-mouth
  • 3 distance sensors for bill and coin detection
  • 1 switch for muting the audio module and 1 reset button

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